Pilates in the morning, funny pool activities in noon, water sports in afternoon and more...

Let the fun, joy & calmness in. Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel & Dejavu Beach Club has started to make summer 2018 longer.

Hands in the air!!!

Colorful drinks are preparing by proffesional barmen using fresh ingredients.

Come & Taste Them.

Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel' s proffesional pastry chef has started his best works for the guests.

You are gonna love them & finish em all!

After long renovations and arrangements we made ready every part of Hotel for you to feel you like your are at home.

You are going to feel quality of drinks and meals. Daily, Fresh & Tasty...

Desinged and worked hard for our guests for their comfort, modern feeling and make them feel at home.

We are sensitive for building sipirit and so we kept art of rocks on the floor of lobby. Thank you artist for the work you' ve made.

These are some of the flowers in Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel. We have lemon, mandarin and orange trees.

We take good care of flowers and trees but never is enough as bees taking care of them.

Glad they are exists in the world!

Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel' s family has long time experienced at hotel management.

Our goal on management is to make Tu Casa family bigger and much happier.